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George Baker, News


The store has been expanded! Two new compositions, Variations on 'Rouen' and Tiento Grégorien, and a DVD starring organist Philippe Lefèbvre, Improvisation Masterclass are now for sale in my store.


The store is open! Toccata-Gigue on the Sussex Carol, published by Baroque Notes, Inc., is now for sale in my store.


With great excitement, I have become the American representative for Orgues Bertrand Cattiaux.

Organbuilder Bertrand Cattiaux, with his 28 years of organ building expertise, can deliver a beautiful new pipe organ in the true French style. My role in this venture is as liaison and consultant. If you are interested in discussing a new Bertrand Cattiaux pipe organ, please contact me at orguescattiauxusa@gmail.com.


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