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George Baker, News


The Baroque Notes Music Store is open. Visit the store to purchase my compositions and the Improvisation Masterclass DVD.


Two new compositions, Variations on 'Rouen' and Tiento Grégorien, and a DVD starring organist Philippe Lefèbvre, Improvisation Masterclass are now available for purchase.


The store is open! Toccata-Gigue on the Sussex Carol, published by Baroque Notes, Inc., is now available for purchase.


With great excitement, I have become the American representative for Orgues Bertrand Cattiaux.

Organbuilder Bertrand Cattiaux, with his 28 years of organ building expertise, can deliver a beautiful new pipe organ in the true French style. My role in this venture is as liaison and consultant. If you are interested in discussing a new Bertrand Cattiaux pipe organ, please contact me at orguescattiauxusa@gmail.com.


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